Coaching Services.

FREE 30-Minute Consultation

Thirty minutes is all you need to assess your wellness truth, decide what actions you can take right away, and uncover your desire to commit by moving forward.


During the 30-minute free consultation, You will

  • share who you are and what you are trying to accomplish.

  • learn how coaching can help you. 

  • learn how you and Coach Kisha White will work together.

One-on-One Sessions

$99.99 per session

Not ready to commit to a term package?


  • One hour private phone or zoom session.

  • Identify the patterns or things that are keeping you stuck.

  • Begin to lay the foundation for your personalized plan.

  • This session will help you see what it's like to work with Coach Kisha.

Push Start Package


This is a one-month package of four Private, 60-minute coaching sessions.


  • One session per week to get you on track and to help you stay there. 

  • Work together with Coach Kisha to gain clarity of goals or to get specific Focus sessions.

  • Weekly Journaling and/or homework.

  • Four weeks of email or social media based support.


*Coaching sessions valid for 3 months from the booking date to complete package.

Finding Clarity Package


This is a 2- month package of eight Private, 60- minute coaching sessions. Coach Kisha will help you build a plan to achieve long & short term goals and provide tools and activities that may help improve your overall life. 


  • One coaching session per week.

  • Two, 10-minute quick sessions to use when you have a quick question or two.

  • Weekly Journaling and/or homework.

  • Email and social media communication for the length of your coaching session.

*Coaching sessions valid for 6 months from the booking date to complete package.

The Definitive Package

This package can be customized for almost any of your wellness needs. This is a 6-month package to help you accomplish some major goals. 

•    18 private coaching sessions-45 minutes up to 90 minutes each.
•    10 short “emergency” 10 minute home sessions when you have a question or two or just feeling stuck
•    Coach Kisha will help you develop a solid plan and help carry it through
•    Includes assessment(s)
•    Weekly Journaling and/or homework
•    Unlimited email communication for the length of your coaching session


*Coaching session valid for 12 months from the booking date to complete package

Have a question about a package?

Email me.