Everybody needs a little           sometimes.

Without Help, life is frustrating, achievements are impossible, and progress stalls.

Help changes your destiny.

I'm Kisha, your                                          .

A Destiny Helper is someone who helps you get to the next place in your life. Maybe you have been struggling to finish a particular life goal, or lose weight or write that first book. A Destiny Helper seems to come into your life right on time, see things in a fresh and new way and help change your approach or even your perspective. They may connect you with people and resources, remove obstacles, and propel you towards your destiny. Sometimes they are strangers that draw you towards them. Your life is never quite the same again. 

That's what I've been over the years for countless numbers of people, and I want to be that for you.  

I provide wellness coaching that unlocks your potential and sets you on the path towards your destiny. I help individuals become empowered to look at critical aspects of their life, take action and change what they once believed was unchangeable. 

I specialize in helping people like you overcome the mental blockers keeping you from accomplishing your goals and living a legendary life.


As your wellness coach, I am not your counselor.

At times I will be your mentor, accountability partner, facilitator, and supportive guide to help you launch goals, new perspectives, and to help you get to new destinations in your life. You make all the decisions!

My wellness coaching theory is based on the Nation Wellness Institute's definition of wellness, an active process where people increase awareness and learn to make healthy life choices.  It combines the Six Dimensions of Wellness: emotional, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, and spiritual.


When these dimensions impact what decisions we make towards our daily routines, health goals, career goals, financials, and even our interactions with those around us. (nationalwellness.org)

Why Wellness Coaching Will Work for You.

  • You're on a mission to take control of your life.

  • You're looking for accountability to form good habits and stick to your goals. 

  • You have the desire to be better than you were the day before.

  • You know that working on your mindset is just as important as working on the physical and spiritual. 

Why Wellness Coaching Will NOT Work for You.

  • You're not optimistic about the future.

  • You believe that people should not take responsibility for what happens to them.

  • You're not ready to prioritize your goals.

  • You're comfortable staying right where you are.

  • You're not ready or feel you don't need any help.

Not too long ago, I felt lost and withdrawn. I often wondered how did I get here. While not perfect, I have three beautiful and thriving children, a military career I'm proud of, friends and family that look to me for love and support.

But it seemed never to be enough. And on the inside, I felt like I was suffocating. Dealing with health issues that medical professionals say will require treatment for the rest of my life, relationship woes, career failures, stumbles, and falls all seemed to amount to me viewing myself as ‘less than.’ And seemingly no awards, certificates, degrees, promotions, and accolades helped me to see what everyone else thought they saw: CONFIDENCE, INTELLIGENCE, BEAUTY, STRENGTH. 

It turns out I had what I needed all along.

I just needed a little help seeing it.


Maybe you feel stuck in what seems like a bottomless pit, lost and stagnant. You need a little help seeing that you already possess all the confidence and inner strength to move beyond your present and on to your destiny. 


What people are saying.

Tracy E. Fulford, President
Fulford Construction Management
Coach Kisha helped me become razor-focused on my goals by helping me see that I needed to prioritize my time and resources.  She has been my cheerleader! Her encouragement has helped me grow my business 3-fold, even during the covid-19 pandemic. Recently I yielded my first monthly gross income of over $20K.

Dr. Ericka Walter Landry, Director Faculty Development
Lone Star College
Coach Kisha is a dedicated and inspirational force in my life. She has been instrumental in helping me publish THREE books in one year, during a pandemic. I appreciate her passion, encouragement, and enthusiasm for coaching and helping others. Thanks for being such an exceptional colleague, motivator, and destiny helper.

Are you ready to take the first step towards your                   ?